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HotelsCombined.com names the Top 10 American Biking Destinations for Americans to Plan Their Own “Tour de United States”

HotelsCombined.com Offers Unbeatable Deals at these Remarkable Hotels

Wilmington, Delaware, 29 July 2010 – The Tour de France, the most well-known and prestigious cycling race in the world, features incredible natural adventures on challenging roads. To help cycling enthusiasts plan their own “Tour de United States” and encounter similarly exciting adventures, HotelsCombined.com names The Top Ten American Biking Destinations. From dirt roads to carefully structured paved tracks, great biking trails throughout the United States provide a variety of terrain, scenery, challenges and experiences for riders of differing abilities and cycling goals. Thrill-seekers can trace along metropolitan parks in Sacramento, Calif., bike on the edge of swampy bayous and saltwater marshes in Louisiana or ride through forests and meadows in Busse Woods near Chicago, Ill. And after a long day on the road, adventurers can rest assured knowing they found the best overnight hotel deals at www.HotelsCombined.com - the world’s largest hotel search engine and price aggregator.

HotelsCombined.com Top 10 American Biking Destinations

  1. American River Bike Trail Ramble - Sacramento, Calif. - In the midst of one of America’s major metropolitan areas lies 32 miles of parkway bike path that promises many pleasant rides to cyclists of all levels. The trail goes from Old Sacramento along the Sacramento River to Beal’s Point on Folsom Lake.
  1. Busse Woods - Chicago, Ill. - Located in the heart of the Ned Brown Preserve, this bike path takes you through forests and meadows along Busse Lake. Bikers convene with nature as they make their way down the 11.2-mile trail, known to host the herds of elk that inhabit the forest.
  1. Belmont to Walden Pond Cruise - Cambridge, Mass. - Tracing along the leisurely paced roads heading west from Cambridge, bikers can explore the near-rural suburbs of Lincoln, Sudbury, and Weston on this trail mapped in 1972 by John Allis, a three-time Olympian.
  1. Bethpage State Park - Massapequa, N.Y. - Massapequa Preserve Bike Path provides a quiet, rustic environment that is rare in Long Island. The path runs south through the park over scenic and hilly terrain on a paved path that is bounded by trees and foliage, allowing bikers a quick escape from the suburbs.
  1. Yosemite National Park Valley - Mariposa, Calif. - An elemental country where land and sea have collided into a natural splendor, this park draws more visitors per acre than any other national park in the United States. Awed by its beauty and diversity, visitors come to bike historic carriage roads.
  1. Acadia National Park - Bar Harbor, Maine - An elemental country where land and sea have collided into a natural splendor, this park draws more visitors per acre than any other national park in the United States. Awed by its beauty and diversity, visitors come to bike historic carriage roads.
  1. Centennial Trail Ramble - Spokane, Wis. - This pleasant trail follows the Spokane River through the city, linking parks, historical sites, and urban attractions to form a unique green-space corridor. The trail follows all the way to the Idaho border and is one of the most picturesque in the Pacific Northwest.
  1. Promised Land and Bayou Teche Byways - Lafayette, La. - Filled with swampy bayous, saltwater marshes and Creole cultures that have attracted visitors for decades, these two state scenic byways offer excellent rides for exploring Louisiana’s Cajun Country.
  1. Trinity River Trails Ramble - Fort Worth, Texas - Preserved as a western heritage, Trinity River Trails are narrow, dedicated bicycle paths with varying asphalt and concrete surfaces that encompass an extraordinary cultural district and beautiful gardens.
  1. Lilydale Park Trail - Saint Paul, Minn. - Located next to the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers near St. Paul, this park features plenty of connecting trails full of miles of exploration and scenic river runs with ample wildlife and vegetation.

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